Polisario Militias Target Civilian Populations, Morocco Official Reported

Rabat - bidikfakta.com, In the context of the adoption of the Security Council resolution on the Sahara issue, Polisario militias targeted civilian populations on the night of Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 October 2023, by 4 projectiles exploded in civilian neighborhoods in the town of Smara, in Southern Morocco.

These explosions which caused 1 death and 3 injuries, 2 of which were serious, as well as material losses, jeopardize regional peace and security, which Morocco regards as a red line.

Thus, the relevant public prosecutor's office (Laayoune) has opened an investigation. Technical and ballistic analyses are underway to determine the exact nature and origin of the explosions. In the meantime, the Moroccan authorities are exercising the utmost restraint and reserve.

Also, as a matter of fact, there is a body of credible, concordant and conclusive evidence pointing to the responsibility of the Polisario militias, which has been conducting armed hostilities against Moroccan territory since it decided unilaterally to repudiate the ceasefire concluded in 1994 under the aegis of the UN.

The first evidence is nothing less than the Polisario's own formal claim to the attack. In its "war communiqué no. 901", the Polisario claimed that it had carried out armed attacks against Smara. The Polisario claims to have caused casualties.

Morocco will not allow itself to be impressed or trapped by these ill- considered provocations. For all that, the Moroccan authorities will see the investigations through to the end, until those responsible are established and the law is applied in its implacable rigour. (PERSISMA/Red)

_Source: Moroccan Embassy in Jakarta_

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