Review the pigs of the Binmas Noken Ops Task Force. Damai Cartenz-2022 helps to chop grass for animal feed -- Yahukimo | Wakasatgas Binmas Ops. Damai Cartenz-2022 AKBP Yamin Dian Priono, S.I.K with the team visited the Isak Salak pig farm, Yali Angguk tribal chief Jl. Halmahera, Dekai who is a recipient of pig seed assistance from the Binmas Ops Task Force. Peace Cartenz-2022, Tuesday(26/04/22)

Pig recipients who have problems or difficulties in providing pig feed, which so far in making pig feed must use rice and concentrate, but now have been taught how to make pig feed from processed plants and vegetables that are easily available around their homes such as leaves. petatas, banana midrib, and also water hyacinth.

The Binmas Noken Ops Task Force Damai Cartenz also provided training assistance on how to operate a grass chopper to make it easier to make pig feed from nearby plants and vegetables, with this machine the recipient of pig seeds can be faster, more efficient and can produce ingredients for making pig feed.

The Binmas Task Force hopes that with the assistance of this grass chopper machine, they will also be trained directly on how to use it, so that in the future the community can be independent in making pig feed using feed ingredients derived from plants and vegetables and with the help of machines it can make it easier to manufacture. That way the piglets that have been given by the Task Force can grow well. (Ritha).

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